CrossFit Community

If you are 13-17 Years Old

CrossFit uses age-appropriate weightlifting to enhance strength and power with basic gymnastics to increase agility, mobility and flexibility. This high intensity training delivers optimal fitness and performance and is ideal for any teenager looking to increase their personal fitness or get the edge over their competitor in their chosen sporting field. In addition, it is a great way to get your teen into the habit of training and maintaining good healthy habits.

The benefits of CrossFit for teens:
• Learn correct technique from qualified coaches in a safe environment
• Improved sporting performance
• Improved strength and endurance
• Protect against injury
• Strengthen the mind, and improves life skills such as focus, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting

If you are in your 20s and 30s

You’re not a highschooler anymore! Though you used to be able to spend hours each day at the gym or in athletics followed by a night of bad eating, and little sleep, things are different now. Now you need to focus on diet and fitness as well as mobility to ensure that you maintain the flexibility of your youth. Your body’s ability to recover also declines with age, so filling that void with a healthy diet and the strength and endurance training that crossFit offers is vital.

Benefits of CrossFit:
Blasts Calories
Great for Cadriovascular conditioning
Increase Joint mobility
Make friends

If you are in your 40s

CrossFit can benefit baby boomers in a number of ways toward well-rounded fitness. People of ALL ages can do CrossFit. You can start at your own level regardless of previous conditioning. You can start off slowly and scale up over time. Physically it can boost your metabolism, tone you up, reduce risk of injury in everyday life and keep your joints active. Emotionally it can allow you to feel competitive and develop social relationships
· Improving focus
· Managing weight and losing weight — overall weight control
· Boosting energy and vitality
· Strengthening the bones
· Significantly decreasing the risk of injury both during exercise and day-to-day life

If you’re in the 50+ group

As we get older it becomes obvious that we begin to lose the overall flexibility and range of motion that we once had.
Being that CrossFit is designed around multi joint, compound movements commonly referred to as “Functional Movements”, we will call into play a wider range of demands to discover and rectify ANY limitations we might uncover. Since we all age differently, CrossFit is the PERFECT tool to not only discover our own unique areas of reduced capacity, but to utilize these real life, functional movements, to keep us supple and flexible from here on out.
It is also worth noting here that in addressing our mobility issues in the gym, we are doing it in a safe, deliberate, systematic and controlled manner… (as opposed to finding them while changing a tire or working in the yard!)…